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Atlantic Diffusers specializes in municipal, commercial, and residential aeration system components.

We offer disc diffusers with a fine, medium or coarse bubble option. We also have fine bubble tube diffusers. Our diffusers use EPDM and silicone membranes, which when compared to traditional stone diffusers, can greatly reduce and even eliminate the risk of unintended backflow of water into the air line, and reduce fouling by up to 73%. Atlantic Diffusers can provide a full turn-key solution for your next aeration project. With just a few parameters, our engineers can design a fully customized aeration array that will meet your demands, and ensure longevity of the application. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.


Atlantic Diffusers’ manufactures its diffusers through the process of compression molding. This ensures our products to have uniform wear resistance over time. This process increases the sustainability of standard oxygen transfer efficiency over the life of our product.

Customer Service

We are available by email or phone to answer any questions you may have. We offer technical data on all of our products as well as assistance in the installation of your diffusers.


Atlantic Diffusers, in partnership with Atlantic Blowers, provides a full service aeration solution. We offer a wide variety of products and equipment suitable for mixing, digestion, wastewater treatment, and air injection. Our engineers are able to design a custom system for any aeration process.


we specialize in the development and application of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment

With the growing demand for clean water around the world, wastewater treatment plants are vital to any urbanized region. We are able to meet the need of any large scale water treatment application. All of our products use either EPDM, or silicone material to provide safe use for every municipal application. In some applications, our diffusers are able to reach standard oxygen transfer efficiencies of up to 3.0%; which is 0.5% higher than the industry standard of 2.5%.

Water Oxygenation

Oxygenation is a process by which oxygen is circulated through water to increase the decomposition of waste material via aerobic bacteria. Dissolved oxygen (DO) contributes to the digestion of waste material. Dissolved oxygen is injected by an array of diffusers. The amount of DO can be regulated easily by designing a system relative to the environment’s biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

Aerobic Digestion

Microorganisms in an aquatic system require oxygen to breakdown waste material. This process is one step in waste water treatment that ultimately results in a clean water source. When using our diffusers for aeration, we can assure maximum oxygen transfer efficiency in any aerobic digestion system. Our diffusers are made of a durable EPDM, compression molded membrane shaped to aerate as efficiently as possible. This design allows for an even mixture and utilizes the total surface area of the diffuser.

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Our Products

Atlantic Diffusers provides optimal performance in any wastewater or oxygen transfer system. We offer Disc Diffusers with a fine, medium or coarse bubble option, and Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers. Our diffusers use EPDM and silicone membranes which reduce the risk of unintended backflow of water into the air line; this is because the membrane will close over the diffuser inlet when the air supply is shut down. Additionally, because water cannot sit inside the diffuser and produce algae, the risk of clogging or fouling is much lower than if using a stone diffuser. Our engineers can help you find options that will suite your needs. Call us for assistance.

  • 3in. cap diffuser
  • Universal Mount
  • 5in. disc diffuser
  • Fine Bubble Disk Diffuser
  • Silicone Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser with Check Valve
  • Fine bubble tube diffuser

About Us

Atlantic Diffusers specialize in the production, research, and development of the highest quality aeration products in the marketplace. We provide our customers with long-lasting, low maintenance, and efficient products. Every diffuser has been engineered to be as efficient and effective as possible; this is down to the smallest details. For example each diffuser membrane is perforated by its’ own purpose built dye cutter maximizing the concentration of perforations, without compromising its integrity. Atlantic Diffusers has an unmatched foundation on which the company has been built. All our diffusers have been engineered and manufactured from the ground up by our already very experienced engineers from our sister company Atlantic Blowers. Our people are some of the most experienced in the aeration industry because they understand the dynamics from the source of which it came, the blower. A major benefit you receive when doing business with Atlantic Diffusers is that we can supply everything you need for your aeration application from one place, the blower itself as well as the diffusers. Atlantic Diffusers has proved time and time again that we deliver on our promises to provide a great product with exceptional customer service.

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